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Online simulators

All our simulators are now available online on internet. It means that directly from your couch you could check what our products are able to do. To get access to our simulators you'll need an internet browser with Java support. If at present your browser doesn't have the Java support you can install it on www.java.com

We welcome anyone who would like to test our products online and offer free-of-charge online access for at least 5 hours to any our simulator.

Please keep in mind that at present only one our simulator has English-speaking interface and CI measurement units. The simulator is the Russian design and made oil fired 200 MW power unit with drum boiler, 14 MPa nominal steam pressure in the drum and 13 Mpa nominal steam pressure at the turbine inlet. The simulator is the one that was tested in http://eng.fpps.ru/tests section of our web site.

If you aren't frightened at the very thought to work with Russian-speaking interface we are ready to offer you much more simulators to test. During the online access a person from our company who is acquainted with features of our products could get in touch with you by internet-telephone through Skype system in order to help you with the testing.

If you wish to test our products the first step is to get the test picture from our server. To get it type in address field

If your browser has java support you'll get a window with connection details. Click Ok button there. Next you maybe will get a window with host's signature information. Click Yes button. Next you'll get an authentication window. In the "Username:" field type test. In the "Password:" field type Space (one symbol only). If you didn't make a mistake you'll see an our test window.

As soon as you are able to connect to our test window the second step is to send us e-mail to pps@edunet.ru with request in a plain-text form. We'll reply, discuss all the details and give you the access.