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ESS-2004, 16-th European Simulation Symposium, October 17-20, 2004, Budapest, Hungary / pdf version
The modeling technologies evolution for fossil power plant simulators

This article is devoted to the consideration of different technologies for developing the models of fossil power units used by development engineers in the world. Depending on the used technologies for developing these models the authors distinguish the three generations of simulators for fossil power plants. The main features of models of each generations are described below... Details >>>

2005 Western Simulation MultiConferance, New Orleans, Louisianna, USA, 2005 / pdf version
A test to clarify internal features of a fossil simulator

Any simulator vendor always praises its simulators no matter how good they are. His past customer could praise its simulator too. It doesnt for sure mean that the simulator is good it could mean anything, for example that the customer just didnt see anything better. In the past when mainly black-and-white TV sets were available a lot of people who didnt see color TV sets were satisfied with black-and-white ones they didnt see anything better... Details >>>

Full-scale complex analyzers for processes of functioning power plants electrical equipment

For Russia for the first time a fully digitized complete engineering model of a power plant electric circuit that is able to work in the real time in a frame of a computer simulator has been developed. The model and the simulator can be used by the power plant operational personnel to predict what operation mode of the power plant electric circuit shell happen at the real equipment as a result of a required change over... Details >>>

Simulation technologies for fossil power plants used in russia

Different technologies for calculation implementation of fossil power plant simulators are being discussed. Physically based approach for furnace calculation is being introduced... Details >>>

Objective simulation of fossil power plants

Russian company Power Plant Simulators presents a method of modeling the fossil power plants, which can be by convention designated as the objective modeling. The essence of this method consists of the fact that the development engineers are using only the design data of modeled object (boiler and/or turbine) in the process of developing its model. In this case the parameters of static regimes obtained from the real power plant neither are used at all or are used with a minimum amount... Details >>>

Cyberthon - international competition to test the professional skills of fossil power plant operators / pdf version

The first international competition to test the professional skills of fossil power plant operators was held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The very first experience had shown that the professional skill competitions of fossil power plant operators between teams from different countries can be a real comparison of their professional skills despite all the differences of their technologies, regulations and languages... Details >>>

Competition of fossil power plant operators on the base of an advanced computer simulator in russia

Professional competition of fossil power plant operators on the base of a computer simulator revealed the high quality of the simulator in a wide range of processes. First time in Russia a simulator was made not by an order but for sale. Customers with slightly different equipment consider the simulator as a useful tool for own needs... Details >>>